EcoLog Harvesters

EcoLog E-Series Harvester

The Eco Log 500-series harvester range are highly efficient, flexible in all types of terrain, and have excellent comfort and visibility.

EcoLog 688E Harvester

The Eco Log 688 is an 8 wheel drive harvester, specially designed for work in steep terrain. It is designed to minimise ground pressure when working in sensitive harvesting areas.

EcoLog D-Series Harvester

The Eco Log 500-series harvester product range consists of 5 harvester models. Common for all models are high efficiency, flexibility in all types of terrain and excellent comfort and visibility.


EcoLog Forwarders

EcoLog 594E Forwarder

The EcoLog 594E is our largest model of E-forwarders with a cargo capacity of 20 tons and has been developed with the driver in focus.

EcoLog 574E Forwarder

The Eco Log 574E has been fitted with a completely new cab where space, comfort, and visibility are prioritized – all in order for you to work as a driver both comfortably and efficiently.