Eco Log 661 LF Harvester Head

The Eco Log 661 LF is a high-performance harvester head that offers the highest levels of quality, strength, and productivity in all types of final felling.

In large-diameter final felling, the proportionally angled feed rollers, in combination with the patented LogHold system and Eco Log Saw Control, deliver the highest capacity and production.

In final felling of low-grade timber, the versatile design comes into its own and ensures high levels of efficiency and rapid feeding.

In addition, the harvester head’s variable roller motors generate an optimum balance between strength and speed in both low-grade and large-diameter stands.

The Eco Log 661 LF meets every challenge – flexibly, robustly, and efficiently.


Eco Log Saw Control

All of Eco Log´s harvester heads have been equipped with Eco Log Saw Control, a patented system that ensures a maximum performance from both machine and harvester head in every cut.


Proportional roller clamping pressure in relation to stem diameter, as well as individual setting by tree species for optimum performance.

Low Friction

The low friction concept (LF), combined with extremely well-protected, smart hose routing, paves the way for minimum friction, the least possible downtime, maximum uptime, and maximum productivity.