Log Max harvesting heads are designed for installation on various types of carriers. Low weight is essential for the CTL-method using wheeled harvesters. This has resulted in Log Max being top of the range when comparing pulling force to weight ratio.

Log Max 7000Twin

Log Max 7000Twin The all new Log Max 7000Twin, following the success of the 6000Twin, is a...

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Log Max 7000C

The Log Max 7000C harvesting head is built on a tough frame and combines high drive power...

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Log Max 6000V

The Log Max 6000V is a versatile head which has a wide range of applications, mainly focused...

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Log Max 6000Twin

Log Max 6000Twin is a light-weight head suitable for “low branches” featuring a twin bottom knife for...

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Log Max 6000B

Log Max 6000B is a light-weight head suitable for final felling. This head combines low weight with...

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Log Max 5000D

Log Max heads are designed for installation on various types of Carriers.For this reason, low weight is...

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Log Max 4000B

Log Max 4000B is a small head with large capacity. The impressive pulling force compared to the...

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Log Max 4000T

The Log Max 4000T, our latest thinning head has impressive pulling force and high speed feeding.

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Log Max 3000T

Log Max 3000T is a new generation thinning head best suited for long reach booms. This head...

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Log Max 928A

Log Max 928A is a small and light head specifically designed for thinning. The compact format makes...

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Log Max XTreme Series Heavy Duty Harvesting Heads

Log Max 7000XT

With its large, high-torque feed motors, the 7000XT provides increased performance in any application and the toughest...

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Log Max 7000XT Fixed Head

This fixed mount configuration from Log Max utilises the design and durability of the 7000XT series and...

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Log Max 10000XT

With incredible drive power and precision delimbing quality the 10000XT is a highly productive harvesting head. Whether...

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Log Max 12000XT

The Log Max 12000XT is the extreme duty head for big tree production, multi-stem processing of smaller...

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Log Max E-series (designed for the eucalyptus market)

Log Max E6

The Log Max E6 head is the result of team work and Log Max experience. This head...

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