EcoLog 550 T-PRO Harvester

The new Eco Log 550 T-PRO complements our range with its size and strength. Slim lined, smooth and designed for the highest productivity, this is an invaluable asset for your thinning work. In other words, this is your new best friend in the forest.

  • Optimized for primary thinning work
  • 350° reversible cab
  • Powerful crane – 220 kNm
  • Six wheels and pendulum arms for easy use in difficult terrains
  • Volvo Penta D8 160kW/218 hk
  • Dasa Forester adaption system
  • Harvester Head – Log Max 3000T or 4000T

With its six wheels, the 550 T-Pro can easily travel over the toughest of terrains. The machine’s sturdy mid-section in combination with pendulum arms means that you can easily move the machine with an extended crane without having to retract it. This can lead to valuable time saving and increased productivity.

With the power of a Volvo Penta D8 of 160 kW / 218 hp, the harvester can quickly respond to an increased load. The engines have been optimized for reliable and fuel-efficient forestry. The well-known combination of swivel cab and pendulum arms makes the harvester very flexible and well suited to thinning work. The available harvester heads for this model are Log Max 3000T and 4000T.