Eco Log 561 LF Harvester Head

The Eco Log 561 LF is a high-production harvester head, designed to handle the various tasks within forestry efficiently. Everything from thinning low-grade timber to basic final felling.

The low-friction concept (LF) ensures maximum productivity, durability, and profitability thanks to the fact that it minimizes friction, wear, and maintenance requirements.

The harvester head’s compact dimensions, combined with perfect delimbing down to 30 mm, allow the thinning of low-grade timber to be carried out quickly and efficiently with the highest quality.

Three smart patents – LogHold, proportionally angled feed rollers, and Eco Log Saw Control – produce a harvester head boasting impressive stem holding, strength, and maximum production.



SuperCut 100 is an extremely powerful unit with integrated chain lubrication and hydraulic tensioning of the chain. In combination with Eco Log Saw Control, the cutting time is optimized and the risk of cutting cracks is minimized.


Proportional roller clamping pressure in relation to stem diameter, as well as individual setting by tree species for optimum performance.