Eco Log 580G

The Eco Log 580G is the second largest model of our F-Harvesters. With its powerful 286 HP Volvo Penta engine and 270 kNm crane, the Eco Log 580F can meet all types of challenges you face.


Eco Log´s new harvester cabin

With the G series, we are proud to present a brand-new harvester cabin, one that has been developed with our full focus on you, the customer. We can offer a modern cab designed for maximum comfort, spaciousness, and ergonomics that also offers operators optimal visibility of the work area at all times. Every detail in the cabins interior, from smart storage solutions and broad charging options to modern palettes and a great sound system, has been carefully selected to make your workday as good as possible.

Eco Log NexSci

Eco Log NexSci is a flexible and modern control system that takes your operator experience to a whole new level. When developing Eco Log NexSci, we have had you, the operator, foremost in our minds, resulting in a system with a focus on great user-friendliness that enables you to make all the necessary selections and settings easily and intuitively.

Powerful crane

Experience the power of Eco Log’s harvester crane

Thanks to Eco Log’s proprietary crane, the harvesters deliver unmatched power and productivity. The crane is specially developed for harvesters and can easily maneuver and lift the harvester head even when used at long reaches and in steep terrain.


Increase your productivity with Eco Log harvesters

Eco Log harvesters in the 500 series have all been designed and constructed to enable you, our customers, to make the most of your forest machine. With superior ground clearance, high mobility in all types of terrain, and optimal servicing conditions, Eco Log harvesters stand out in terms of both productivity and efficiency.