New EcoLog E-Series Forwarders – 574E vs 594E

In January 2017 EcoLog released their latest forwarders which consist of the EcoLog 574E forwarder and the EcoLog 594E forwarder.

If you’re wondering what the differences are between the 2 models, this post will help make it a little clearer.

Scandinavian Forestry & Engineering proudly offers both these EcoLog forwarders to their Australian, New Zealand, and southeast Asian customers.

Loading Capacity

The 594E has a larger holding volume which gives it a significantly larger loading capacity:

20,000 kg vs 14,000 kg

Loading Area (m²)

The well-developed loading area ranges from 4.1 m² to 7.2 m²

** 4.5 – 5.2 m² with mechanically adjustable load


Engine Power (hp) – 320 vs 252

Torque (Nm) – 1300 @ 1310 rpm vs 1115 @ 1160 rpm

What Do They Have In Common?

The new forwarders 574E and 594E have been developed with the driver in mind, and so a lot of thought has gone into designing a completely new cab affording greater comfort and a better view.

The forwarder has been given a new diesel engine from Volvo Penta, resulting in a fuel-efficient machine.

The IQAN control system has been improved with the addition of more integrated functions. The unit now also has a bigger screen with touch functionality.