Versatility and manoeuvrability

THE BRUKS 805.2 STC Chipper with Integrated Chip Bin chipper will be out of the forest where it’s currently working and in demonstration at AUSTimber. This machine is powered by a separate diesel engine and designed to be installed on self-propelling vehicles like forwarders, trucks or tractor-towed trailers.

The chipping unit can move to off-road chipping sites and dump the chips from its chip bin into a roadside container or else on the ground to eliminate waiting time for any unit in the production chain. The versatility and manoeuvrability of this unit is such that it is now approved by VicRoads for driving on State highways in Victoria.

Apparently this should make gaining the appropriate permits in other states relatively easy. A small blessing for those who have to deal with the multi-layered red tape involved in moving chippers around Australia!