EcoLog 688E Harvester Launch … & It’s Available In Australia

We are very excited to announce that Eco Log has launched the 680E Harvester in June 2017.
This 8-wheeled harvester has been specially developed to handle work in steep terrain and to maneuver on sensitive ground.
It is immediately available in Australia through Scandinavian Forestry & Engineering

Volvo Penta Engine

Volvo Penta’s diesel engines have been developed especially for forestry applications.
Their low weight, compact design, and easy installation make them perfect for driving our new generation of harvesters – including the Eco Log 688E harvester.


All components are accessible thanks to the two large hoods on the rear of the machine.
Most parts are easily and quickly removable and/or tilt-able.

Mobile & Stable

The cabin is rotatable for a full 350 degrees, which provides a nearly unbeatable overview of the work area.
The Eco Log 688E also has even better stabilisation in the mid area and improved steering of the tilt plate, which results in very high mobility and stability.