EcoLog 574E Forwarder

EcoLog 574E Forwarder

The Eco Log 574E belongs to the new range of E-forwarders developed with the driver in focus:

  • Volvo Penta engine of 252 hp
  • Updated cab with improved comfort and better visibility
  • Improved control system
  • 7-inch touchscreen for an even better overview
  • Replacement of components provides easier service
  • Global service network for the best possible availability

The new 574E has been fitted with a completely new cab where space, comfort, and visibility are prioritized - all in order for you to work as a driver both comfortably and efficiently.

The machines are also equipped with Volvo Penta D8 engines characterized by high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and low emission levels. In addition, we provide the market's best guarantee on our forwarders.

Loading capacity, kg 14 000
Weight, kg 18 000
Width (A), mm 2 640(1)
Height (B), mm 3840
Length (C), mm 10055 / 11140(2)
Ground clearance (D), mm 650
Loading area (E), mm 4 470 / 5 555(2)
Approach angle, ° 40
Engine, Volvo Penta
Type 6 cyl. 871 D8 - 7.7 l
Stage Euromot 4
Power, hp 252
Torque, Nm 1115 @ 1160 rpm
Fuel tank, l 220
Type Hydrostatic mechanical
Tractive effort, kN 195
Speed, km/h 20
Pump, cc 140 (opt. 180)
Pressure, bar 235
Hydraulic tank, l 180
Standard 600/55-26.5’’
Option 710/45-26.5’’
Loader - Cranab
Lifting force, kNm (standard) 120
Reach alternatives, m (standard) 8.0/8.5/10
Lifting force, kNm (option) 165
Reach alternatives, m (option) 8.5/10