A 2020 Eco Log Review – A Year Of Action

2020 was a slow year for many businesses with lockdowns and working from home restrictions.

However, not so for Eco Log. Instead, 2020 was a very active year that saw the launch of the F-series, Eco Log 584F, and the merger between Eco Log and Gremo.

February 2020 – The F-Series Launches

In February 2020 Eco Log launched the new F-Series Harvesters and Forwarders. It was a huge launch which included the:

  • Eco Log 550F Harvester
  • Eco Log 560F Harvester
  • Eco Log 750F Forwarder

April 2020 – Eco Log & Gremo Merger

The merger between Eco Log and Gremo was announced in April 2020 and in the background, work commenced on a new range of Harvesters and Forwarders incorporating both Gremo and Eco Log technology that would launch under the ‘F-Series’ banner.

September 2020 – The Launch of the Eco Log 584F Forwarder … and more

The new Eco Log 584F Forwarder was launched in September 2020 resulting in a new-look machine line-up consisting of six Forwarder models:

  • Eco Log 750 (previously Gremo), load capacity 8.5 tonnes.
  • Eco Log 1050 (previously Gremo) load capacity 10.5 tonnes.
  • Eco Log 1250 (previously Gremo), load capacity 12.5 tonnes.
  • Eco Log 574F, load capacity 14 tonnes
  • Eco Log 584F
  • Eco Log 594F, load capacity 20 tonnes

This extensive range has resulted in Eco Log offering the most comprehensive Forwarder range on the world market.

In addition, the lighter, eight-wheeled harvester from Gremo has been added to the existing Eco Log harvester models and carry the name Eco Log 1058 (15.9 tonnes, tare weight).

What a year for Eco Log and their Australian dealer ScanForestry. Bring on 2021 – we are ready to get moving!