Eco Log Launches New Series Of Harvester Heads

Eco Log has launched its very own series of harvester heads, consisting of four models – the Eco Log 461 LF, Eco Log 561 LF, Eco Log 661 LF & Eco Log 761 LF. Scan Forestry & Engineering, the agents for Eco Log in Australia and New Zealand, is proud to offer these to its client network.

The new series of Eco Log harvester heads are designed according to the low-friction concept, where the combination of five different innovations results in harvester heads with impressive productivity, high durability, minimal maintenance, and fuel consumption.

Eco Log harvester heads have been equipped with Eco Log Saw Control, a patented system optimizing every cross-cut regardless of conditions such as tree species and type of felling.

Eco Log Harvester Head Series

Eco Log harvester head series consists of four models:

  • Eco Log 561 LF – a highly-productive all-round harvester head that handles everything from thinning low-grade timber to basic final felling.

  • Eco Log 461 LF – a versatile and rapid low-weight harvester head that easily handles thinning even in the most hard-to-reach areas.

  • Eco Log 661 LF – a strong and versatile high-performance harvester head for any kind of final felling.

  • Eco Log 761 LF – a powerful and reliable harvester head that handles even the toughest final felling operations with high capacity and maximum performance.

All models are designed according to the Low Friction concept (LF) consisting of five different solutions developed to achieve maximum production, optimum fuel, and energy consumption, and minimal maintenance costs. The harvester head always delivers optimum pressure and carrying capacity in relation to the stem, resulting in high speed and minimal friction.

Eco Log Saw Control – a patented system ensuring that every cut is optimized regardless of external conditions. Thanks to feedback between the base machine and the harvester head, every cut is performed with the highest efficiency without any need for manual adjustments by the operator. In mixed forests or tough final fellings, Eco Log Saw Control optimizes every cut for time-efficient and productive operations.