Watch the Latest BRUKS Wood Chipper In Action!

If you haven’t seen the new BRUKS 1006 ST Wood Chipper in action then now is your chance. This video shows the latest BRUKS working its way through a stack of logs, and at an impressive rate.

The BRUKS 1006 ST is the worlds best high capacity wood chipper. Wood chips can be used in a number of applications including the production of :

  • Biomass solid fuel for wood fuelled power stations,
  • Wood pulp for the pulp and paper industry,
  • Mulch for gardening and landscaping.

The BRUKS wood chipper has the capacity to process full length trees and logs up to a diameter of 60 cm (Max. 50 cm for hardwood). The chipping unit is electronically and hydraulically controlled, powered by its own diesel engine. A crane for loading brushwood and trees can also be installed with the Mobile Chipper.

BRUKS have taken their 40 years of experience, combined it with the needs and experience from their customers, and developed a chipper that is stronger, more powerful and with a higher capacity. The feedback from those that have used the machine is emphatic:

“We have a need for a mobile chipper from BRUKS that performs well with a high capacity. The market is relatively big and it’s growing every year due to the huge demand of green energy. In the chipping sector it is important to have different chipper sizes available on the market. Bruks nowadays offers three sizes, the 605, 806 and the new 1006. This is a great opportunity for us for the future.”              (Joakim Lund, Sawcenter)