BRUKS 1006 Wood Chipper

In the series of BRUKS Mobile Chippers, the 1006 is the biggest and most robust drum chipper.

We have taken our 40 years of experience, combined it with the needs, the experience of our customers, and developed this Heavy Duty chipper that is strong, powerful and with a high capacity.

1006 Chipper

BRUKS 1006 mobile chipper is designed for the production of fuel chips or micro chips, with the capacity to process full length trees and logs up to a diameter of 60 cm. The chipper is ideal for high capacity chipping on terminal or directly at the logging site.

For branches, tops and logs – this mean machine will gladly chew whole trees for breakfast and go on the whole workday long.

The 1006 Chipper consists of:

A Heavy Duty drum chipper housing in a welded and robust construction with parts exposed to wear and tear made of Hardox steel.

Hydraulically driven feed units with aggressive, large upper feed roller, hydraulically raised and lowered. The long infeed table equipped with hydraulically powered rollers. The rollers have teeth made of Hardox steel with an aggressive form to ensure efficient infeed.

Feed opening, height x width = 750 x 1200 mm.

The table’s width, length and high sides makes it very easy to feed in a variety of materials from logging residues, whole trees into logs.

The table is equipped with an extra point on the lower feed unit which provides a low transport height with a (for transport) raised infeed table.

Chipper drum with four entire knives mountings seats making it possible to easily shift between chipping with four knives for the production of fuel wood chips or with eight knives for the production of micro chips.

Chipper drum diameter of 1000 mm and a speed of about 750 rpm at maximum engine speed give a chipping with high torque.

Chipper drum in a full metal jacket design with replaceable wear parts.

Anvil, with shear bolts, in a design that minimizes damage in case scrap driving.

Chip transport takes place through a screen, into an integrated hydraulic powered chip accelerator (without additional air to reduce spillage and dust) and on out through the chip tube for optimal and precise ejection of the chips.

Chipper is built for easy and safe maintenance. The knives are easily accessible through the hydraulically foldable hood. Wear parts in Hardox steel, easily replaceable.

Transport width (A) [mm] 2500
Transport height (B) [mm] 2400
Length infeed table (C) [mm] 1650
Width infeed (D) [mm] 1200
Width infeed table (E) [mm] 2350
Weigth complete unit approx [ton] 9t
Diameter chipper drum[mm] 1000
Infeed opening W xH [mm] 1200 x 720
Adjustable chip length [mm] 10-45
Max diameter, softwood[mm] 600
Max diameter, hardwood [mm] 500
Capacitet (m3/h) 150-250
Recomended power (hp) 700-800


BRUKS 1006 Wood Chipper

BRUKS 1006 Wood Chipper

Alternative Equipment

  • Knife settings and configuration for different conditions
  • Chip screens in different sizes
  • Infeed table with different numbers of rollers and different table sides
  • Chip Tubes in different sizes
  • Chip deflectors, basic or dual
  • Painting in customer unique color


  • LED work lights
  • Kits with knives and wear parts