Komatsu acquires Log Max

KOMATSU HAS acquired Log Max AB and Log Max Inc but as far as the Australian scene is concerned it will be a case of “business as usual”.

Harvester heads made by Log Max and Komatsu are mutually complementary in terms of the type of harvesting as well as tree sizes and this was the primary reason for the transaction.

Log Max chairman Stig Linderholm said that Komatsu confirmed it had no intention to restructure at Log Max and Log Max Inc., and had no intention to change the current relationship with distributors.

“I think that Komatsu is a fair and reliable company backed by an established management team and technologies,” Linderholm said.

Johan Jaktman, principal of Tumut-based business Scandinavian Forestry and Engineering, has been the Australian agent for Log Max for over 20 years. Speaking after the sale announcement Jaktman said that loggers could be assured that it will still be business as usual for them, and the company will continue to supply Log Max heads along with technical support and service for the Australian market.