EcoLog E Series Harvester -Powered by Volvo Penta D8 Engine

EcoLog’s newest generation of 550, 560, 580 and 590 harvesters have launched with Volvo Penta D8 engines installed, ranging in power from 218 to 320 hp. Characterised by their high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency, and low emission levels, Volvo Penta diesel engines are built to be versatile. The engines are developed to satisfy forestry application with their low weight, compact designs, and easy installation, making them perfect to power the new Eco Log harvester generation.

The new Eco Log 550, 560, 580 and 590 harvesters are dressed with the latest Eco Log colors and will of course remain equipped with innovative pendulum arms.

Their impressive ability to tilt 25° sideways and a pitch angle of 17° to the front or rear allows them to easily maneuver in hilly environments. Eco Log equips, as standard, the new 550, 560, 580 and 590 with five pumps; two for the transmission, two implement pumps (one for the crane and one to operate the harvester head) and one so called “recirculation pump” which together with the new vertically oriented coolers optimises the cooling capacity of the harvester where and/or whenever the machine operates.

The Volvo Penta engine provides power to these pumps, running at a low rpm, and can easily handle all working conditions without overloading the engine.

Among other new features, the cab is now able to rotate 350° further decreasing the frequency of machine movement verse competitors and thereby saving additional fuel costs even beyond those provided by the already efficient Volvo Penta engines.