Log Max 6000V

The Log Max 6000V is a versatile head that has a wide range of applications, mainly focused on final felling. The unit is a further development of our great seller 6000B with improvements and updates to work even better in today’s modern forestry.

The length measurement function of the 6000V has been optimized to create the very best conditions for delivering optimal measurement results. we have made changes in several areas in order for measuring wheel to better follow the contour of the trunk.

Modifications and reinforcements to the new frame improve the reliability and lifetime of the head.

The unit is also equipped with our new, smart saw True-Cut that provides fast and controlled cutting.

Harvesting key figures

Most productive range: 12 to 50 cm
Maximum cutting diameter: 65 cm (72 cm opt.)
Minimum delimbing diameter: 3.5 cm



We have updated the construction of the measuring wheel cylinder, the hydraulic circuit and reinforced the measuring wheel arm and its attachment.


To increase durability and reduce the risk of cracks in the frame, we have created a reinforced attachment for the upper delimbing knife. The frame is reinforced at the mainline, where the upper delimbing knife slides on the frame to increase durability and extend its life span.


True-Cut is our smartest and fastest saw and we recommend you choose True-cut 318 that features automatic chain tensioning. The integrated valving solution continuously senses the motor speed and adjusts the saw bar accordingly, the True-Cut maintains an almost constant chain speed of 40 m/s throughout the cutting cycle.