Log Max 4000T

The Log Max 4000T, our latest thinning head has impressive pulling force and high speed feeding.

This head has an entirely new frame construction where the saw box has been moved backwards and outwards, the higher part of the frame inched forward reducing friction and clogging in the measuring wheel.
The new hydraulics layout greatly improves power and feeding speed making this 833 kg* harvesting head the ultimate choice for thinning and lighter final cuts.

This powerful thinning head comes equipped with the first-generation Log Max 218 and 318 True-Cut saw units with up to 58 cm of cut capacity.

All these features combined with Log Max patented knife control system, which minimizes feed friction, provides outstanding stem coverage and increased log quality.

Harvesting key figures

  • Most productive range : 15 to 35 cm
  • Maximum cutting diameter : 58 cm
  • Minimum delimbing diameter : 1,2 cm


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