Eco Log 550F Harvester

The Eco Log 550F has been developed for maximum productivity, flexibility and ease of use even during work in hilly terrain:

  • Volvo Penta 218 hp engine
  • 350 ° swivel cab
  • 25.5 ° lateral tilt
  • 17 ° angle to the front and rear
  • Powerful crane with a lifting force of 255 kNm

With the new 550F we have moved to the next level. It’s powered by an efficient Volvo Penta engine that is is specifically designed for high performance, reliability and fuel efficiency. The 550F cab can be turned for a full 350 ° which minimizes the need to move the machine. Eco Log’s unique suspension arm enables the chassis to be tilted 25,5 ° laterally, making the machine flexible even in the most demanding terrain.


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