The 806.2 Chipper STC is a wood chipper to be used o for the production of fuel chips from forest residues. The chipper has a capacity to process full-length trees and logs up to a diameter of 50 cm (Max. 40 cm for hardwood) as well as brushwood.

Our Chipper model 806.2 is our latest development of our 800 series, the most popular size class for mobile chipping applications. With its size and capacity, it is a very suitable wood chipper in a number of different applications.

We can find this chipper in units with own engine, in truck driven machines and as tractor driven chippers.

It is designed for the production of biofuel chips with superior chip quality and best cost efficiency.

BRUKS Mobile Chippers are known for their high capacity and reliability, long machine life and great flexibility.

Chipping principle of 806.2 Chipper

BRUKS’s time-tested technology makes the chips flow smoothly through the chipper, thus minimizing wear and energy consumption while maintaining extremely high chip quality. The new BRUKS 806.2 is based on this principle but features an even more aggressive infeed, more efficient chipping drums and further improved chip discharge with a new version of BRUKS’s chips accelerator.

The 806.2 Chipper consists of:

– Chipper unit A robust chipper housing with hydraulically driven feed unit with a high retraction force. A built in hydraulic motor powers the powerful 800 mm upper roller. During operation, the roller is floating on top of the material but can easily be hydraulically lifted and lowered to press if needed. All rollers have hardened teeth to ensure high durability.

When the material has been cut, the chips are transported through a chip screen, into the hydraulically powered chip accelerator and through the chip tube. The chipper is built to ensure easy and safe maintenance. The knives are easily accessible through the hydraulically operated hood. To ensure high durability, wear parts are exchangeable and made of Hardox steel.

– Chipper drum

To ensure superior chip quality as well as high feed speed with high production we use two full-length knives and a closed drum. The chip length can be set and adjusted between 11-45 mm.

Several different drum versions are available to optimize results from different raw materials and for different types of chips.

– Infeed Table

The new design on the 806.2 feed deck gives you a longer feed deck with an extremely low transport height The long infeed table is equipped with 3 – 5 rollers. The outer rollers are chain driven by the hydraulically powered inner roller. The rollers have hardened teeth to ensure high durability and high efficient infeed. The design of the infeed table makes it very easy to feed in a variety of materials from logging residues, whole trees to logs. We can also now offer table-sides for different applications, there are standard or HD versions and also high or low sides that can be combined to fit your needs.

-Chip Output by chip accelerator and chip tube

The new chips accelerator has become even stronger and its speed can be adjusted, independently of the engine rpm, to obtain optimally even and smooth discharge. This energy saving chip discharge system without added air minimizes dust problems around the machine.

Also when it comes to the chip tube we can offer a number of different solutions, high, low long or short. They are all hydraulically controlled, turn- and foldable. They will all facilitate an optimal control of the chip output.

The chip tubes are equipped with a hydraulically operated control deflector. And they are foldable to enable low transport height. The outer sweep is exchangeable for a good operating economy, in case of wear and tear due to high productivity.


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