The mobile chipper model 806.2 ST is a wood chipper to be used off-road or at the roadside for the production of fuel chips from forest residues. The chipper has a capacity to process full-length trees and logs up to a diameter of 50 cm (Max. 40 cm for hardwood) as well as brushwood.

The 806.2 ST consists of a highly efficient chipper with its own engine in a compact powerhouse. The chipping unit low weight and compact design make this chip pac suitable for installation on a variety of carriers such as trucks, trailers or hook-lift frames.

To ensure the most efficient chipping operation the chipping unit is electronically and hydraulically controlled, powered by its own diesel engine.

The 806.2 ST is a very flexible machine and can be equipped with a number of accessories to fit different installations, for example, hydraulic pump to run the crane, radio remote control to be able to run the chipper from another vehicle.

Drum Chipper The drum chipper 806.2 is our latest developed chipper in the 800 series of mobile drum chipper. A chipper with aggressive infeed, closed drum for best chip quality, chip output by a chip accelerator and chip tube.

Mounting Frame

The chipper unit is built on a mounting frame section with integrated mounting brackets for chipper and engine installation. Spring-loaded brackets for the carrier vehicle chassis allow certain independent movement of the chipping unit and carrier frame. A fold-down service platform is available for knife exchange and maintenance. A cage with a roof and hatches protects the diesel engine.

Diesel-engine Scania DC13 385A

A powerful stage IV engine with low fuel consumption. The engine is certified according to EU Stage IV. Complete installation includes side mounted ”side by side” radiator, transmission, starter batteries, fuel tank 350 L, AdBlue tank and exhaust system.

Power 368 kW, 500 hp.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is a load sensing type and is powered by a variable displacement pump. The chip accelerator is powered by a hydrostatic pump which enables the accelerator to run at a constant speed regardless of the engine rpm. The cooler fans are hydraulically powered with the possibility to reverse for cleaning the cooler. There is an electrical pump be used when operating hydraulic functions with the engine switched off, for example when changing knives during maintenance.

Electrical System

Complete electrical control and monitoring system for the chipper unit. The chipper and engine functions are operated from the cabin from where the operator can monitor engine water temperature, water level, oil pressure, hydraulic oil level, oil temperature and hydraulic filter clogging indication.

There are also monitoring equipment and automatics for chipper safety functions such as anvil holder´s position and electronic infeed load control.

The system is monitored and controlled by a windows computer with color touch screen, control levers and sets of push-buttons for operating the chipper functions.

Emergency stop buttons are located and accessed from inside the cabin and on both sides of the chipping unit.


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