A chipper on a truck with good road performance that can easily change chipping sites. This makes it a flexible and highly efficient system.

The 806.2 PT Truck is powered by the truck’s 520–650 HP diesel engine via gear box, drive shaft, and belt transmission. The chipper’s electrical and hydraulic systems are interconnected with the truck’s .

The crane has a long reach and a cabin that can be raised and lowered and meets very high ergonomic standards.

BRUKS’s highly efficient chipper has been combined with state-of-the-art truck technology.

The 806.2 processes tops and branches, parts of trees and up to 50 cm dia. roundwood.

Our 806 is ”SIMPLY THE BEST” with its high capacity, reliability and long service life. Your guarantee for cost efficient production.


Carrier vehicle will be a Volvo FH16, 550 – 650 HP or a Scania R520, R650. These trucks have a chassis (6×4) with a 4.3 m wheelbase. The chassis will be factory adapted so it can carry and power the chipper and crane.

Drum Chipper The drum chipper 806.2 is our latest developed chipper in the 800 series of mobile drum chipper. A chipper with aggressive infeed, closed drum for best chip quality, chip output by a chip accelerator and chip tube.

Support Frame

On the truck, there is a mounting frame, foundations for the chipper, chip bin and crane, platforms and ladders for safe maintenance of the chipper, knife and tool box, fire extinguishers in protection boxes (4 pieces).

Power Transmission On the trucks drive shaft there is an additional splitbox to take out the power from the truck engine to the chipper.

Hydraulic System

A complete hydraulic system with a load-sensing, variable pump for chipper, proportional functions for the infeed, hydraulic valves for other cylinder functions and the chip tube turning motor, with flow-adapted On/Off functions. A hydrostatic pump that enables the accelerator to run at a constant speed regardless of the engine rpm powers the chip accelerator. A load-sensing and variable pump for crane, cabin and support legs. Hydraulic oil cooler; hydraulic tank with return filter.

Control & electrical system

A complete electrical and control system for the chipper truck. With truck engine operation from the crane cabin, with monitoring and alarm systems for water temperature, water level, oil pressure and charging as well as temperature, oil level and filters for hydraulics. Also monitoring equipment and automatics for chipper safety functions. Electronic infeed load control.

Everything controlled via a central computer in the crane cabin with Windows operating system; color touch-screen in the cabin, with instruments and control devices for all hydraulic functions. Sets of push buttons near the crane control levers for operating certain chipper functions.

Crane and cabin

There is a number of options and possibility’s when it comes to crane type. A conventional Z-crane with integrated support legs can be used, or else a forwarder crane with separate support legs. All cranes come with a wide range of grapple options.


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