BRUKS 605 Wood Chipper

The 605 chipper is a compact, flexible and highly efficient chipper for the production of energy chips from logging slash, parts of trees and smaller logs.

We have secured the chip quality by using full-length knives, full metal jacket chipper drum and the unique BRUKS chips accelerator.

The chipper is complete with an integrated hydraulic-system mounted directly on to the chipper. For the control of the chipper, there is a complete control system with Can Bus communication between the chipper and the driver’s cabin.

The chipper is supposed to be powered from a larger agricultural tractor or a diesel engine with a power of 130 – 250 kW (180-330 HP)

The 605 Chipper is characterized by high capacity in spite of its relatively small size, thanks to its compact and smart design.


  • High capacity in relation to machine size
  • Extremely good chip quality
  • Aggressive infeed
  • High flexibility
  • Easy maintenance

Drum chipper with welded housing with exchangeable bottom sweep of Hardox steel. The Anvil rack is secured with shear bolts, providing a falling-away anvil, which in turn minimizes damage to the chipper when scrap driving.

Aggressive, large (diameter 550 mm) hydraulically driven upper feed roller, which can be hydraulically raised and lowered, with aggressive and durable teeth in Hardox steel.

Infeed opening (H x W): 500 x 685 mm.

Chipper-drum with a diameter of 600 mm and speed about 1000 rpm.

Knife Fastening with two full-length knife seats for easy switching between two-piece full-length knives (called “2 x 2”), for chipping logging slash and parts of trees, to the two half-length knives (called “2 x 1”) for effective chipping roundwood.

The chip length is easily adjustable in five steps from 15 to 40 mm by adjusting knife position and rotating the eccentric fixings to the rotor.

The chips are thrown from the chipper drum by a screen and out through the chip tube via a chip accelerator (without air support, and with minimal waste and dust pollution around the machine).

The chipper is designed for easy and safe maintenance. The knives are easily accessible through the chipper hood.

Hydraulic system

Complete, self-contained hydraulic system with a load-sensing, variable pump and proportional functions for the infeed.

Hydraulic valves for other cylinder functions and the chip tube, with flow-adapted On / Off functions.

150 litre hydraulic tank and oil cooler.

Control and electrical-system

24V electrical control system. A microprocessor with CanBus communication between cab and chipper for control of the chippers all functions. The system is programmable and ensures accurate automatic infeed speed control.

All chipper functions, as well as the cut-off rpm for the tractor engine load control, can be monitored and adjusted from a separate operator’s panel. The system is short-circuit-proof.


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