BRUKS 605 PT Trailer

The 605 PT Trailer is a chipping unit complete with hydraulic and control systems installed on a multi-purpose chassis.

The machine is to be connected to a major 130-250 kW (180-330 HP) agricultural tractor and powered via PTO shaft and belt drive.

The crane is placed on the chipper chassis or on the tractor and in both cases driven by the tractor’s pump system.

The 605 PT Trailer is a compact, flexible and highly efficient chipper for the production of energy chips from logging slash and parts of trees.

The combination of traditional BRUKS solutions and new, innovative approaches has resulted in a very smart machine.

The 605 PT Trailer is characterized by high capacity for its relatively small size, due to its all the more compact and smart design.

On the 605 PT Trailer we use the 605 chipper unit with associated hydraulic and control systems mounted on a purpose-built chassis.

The trailer-chassis for Bruks 605 PT are manufactured in a robust design and equipped with four wheels 505 / 50-17 R A8, on a pendulum bogie. Max speed 65 km/h. Two of the axels are equipped with brakes. Fenders in hard plastic

Rear travel lighting as standard. Different towing eye are selectable. Standard, articulated hitch eye inside 50mm.

Crane can be placed on the trailer or tractor and driven in both cases by the tractor’s hydraulic pump system. If the crane is to be placed on the trailer it will it be equipped with support legs.

Recommended crane is a crane with a reach of about 9.0 meters. We have several options regarding cranes that we can recommend.


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