BRUKS 1006 ST Wood Chipper

Model 1006 ST is a wood chipper to be used on terminals or roadside for the production of fuel chips from energy wood and forest residues. The chipper has a capacity to process full-length trees and logs up to a diameter of 60 cm (Max. 50 cm for hardwood) as well as brushwood.

The drum chipper is driven by its own powerful 565 kW (768 hp) diesel engine, which guarantees that the chipper receives the power needed for chip production at very high capacity.

The unit is totally self-sufficient with its own electricity-, control-and hydraulic-system. These proven systems in combination with BRUKS drum chipper ensure the most efficient chipping operation.

The mobile chipper unit is installed onto forwarders, trucks or other suitable carriers at BRUKS or by other authorized workshops.

Base machine

The chipping unit consists of a 1006 drum chipper complete with its own diesel engine and electrical and hydraulic systems; everything built on a robust mounting frame. The unit is to be installed on a carrier vehicle with corresponding payload capacity and dimensions.

The chipping unit is intended for the production of fuel chips. The chipper is principally dimensioned for processing energy wood, brushwood and parts of trees.

Drum Chipper

The 1006 Chipper is a chipper designed for Heavy Duty conditions. It’s a drum-chipper built with BRUKS approved chipping technique. An effective infeed, a closed chipping drum and the outfeed by the chip accelerator and chip tube. This combination provides the most energy efficient chipping process and a constantly high chips quality.

Mounting Frame

A mounting frame section with integrated mounts for chipper and engine installation. Spring-loaded brackets for the carrier vehicle chassis allow for a certain independent movement of chipping unit and carrier frame. The frame can be equipped with a slewing ring

that provides a rotatable unit with the possibility to operate from both sides. The fold-down service platform is available for knife exchange. A robust cage with a roof and hatches protects the engine installation.

Diesel-engine Volvo TDA 1643VE

A powerful engine with low fuel consumption. Power 565 kW, 768 hp. The engine is certified according to EU Stage II. The complete installation including “side by side” radiator, CleanFix fan, starter batteries, TopAir centrifugal cleaner, fuel tank about 1000 L and exhaust system. Power transmission with pump distribution box, cardan shaft and belt transmission.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is a load sensing type and a variable pump powers it. Proportional valves to enable exact operation control the infeed. A hydrostatic pump that enables the accelerator to run at a constant speed regardless of engine rpm powers the chip accelerator. As an option, the machine can be equipped with a pump for crane. There are two coolers for the hydraulic, electric powered with reversing function for cleaning. One electrical hydraulic-pump for operating hydraulic functions with the engine switched off, for example when changing knives during maintenance. Hydraulic tank for 400 litres (approx.), with return filter.

Electrical System

A complete control system for the chipper. Monitoring and controls the chipper safety features. Although monitoring of hydraulic oil level, temperature and filter controls. Electronic infeed load control provides the most effective high capacity chipping. Everything is controlled in the central computer located in the driver’s cabin. The system is Windows based with a colour touch-screen and with instruments and control devices for all hydraulic functions. A set of push buttons near the crane control levers for operating the chipper functions.


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