BRUKS 1006 PT Truck

Model 1006 PT is a wood chipper to be used on road or at landings for the production of fuel chips from energy wood and forest residues. The chipper has a capacity to process full-length trees and logs up to a diameter of 60 cm (Max. 50 cm for hardwood) as well as brushwood.

The chipper and a crane will be built onto a truck chassis and powered by the truck engine.

The installation is totally integrated with the truck, which is fitted with a bodybuilder frame, transmission with a powerful gearbox, hydraulic system and our intelligent control system.

The installation will only be carried out on heavy-duty model trucks, with more than 700 hp output.


Base machine

The 1006 PT chipping unit for trucks consists of a drum chipper powered by the truck engine, a crane, crane cabin, power transmission, and electrical and hydraulic systems; the unit also includes a mounting frame. The unit installed on a Truck with chassis type 6×4 4,3m.

The chipping unit are intended for the production of fuel chips. The chipper is dimensioned for processing energy wood, brushwood and parts of trees. Full trees and logs with diameters up to 60 cm (max. 50 cm for hardwood) may be processed.

Drum Chipper

The 1006 Chipper is a chipper designed for Heavy Duty conditions. It’s a drum-chipper built with BRUKS-approved chipping technique. An effective infeed, a closed chipping drum and the outfeed by the chip accelerator and chip tube. This combination provides the most energy-efficient chipping process and a constantly high chip quality.

Base assembly

The assembly are done on a support frame on the truck. This frame consist of the foundations for the chipper and crane, platforms and ladders for safe maintenance of the chipper, knife and tool box, fire extinguishers in protection boxes. Rear fenders in steel.

The power transmission from the truck engine to the chipper rotor is done via a HD distribution box, drive shaft and V-belt drive.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is a load-sensing type with variable pumps for the chipper and the crane. Proportional valves to enable exact operation control the infeed. A hydrostatic pump that enables the accelerator to run at a constant speed regardless of engine rpm powers the chip accelerator. The separate load-sensing and variable pump support the crane, cabin and support legs. Hydraulic oil cooler and hydraulic tank with return filter.

Electrical system

Complete electrical and control systems for the chipper truck. With truck engine operation from the crane cabin, with monitoring and alarm systems for water temperature, water level, oil pressure and charging as well as temperature, oil level and filters for hydraulics. Everything is controlled via a central computer in the crane cabin with Windows operating system; a colour touch-screen in the cabin, with instruments and control devices for all hydraulic functions. Sets of push buttons near the crane control levers for operating the chipper functions.


To this machine, we offer a number of different suitable crane and crane cabins. We also offer different solutions regarding placement on the crane. Contact your local dealer for more information about the possibilities.