With an innovative flexible design, the BRUKS 1006.3 RT offers high-capacity chipping capabilities for a range of wood-processing applications. As a truck-mounted wood-chipping machine, it is equally well-suited for operations within a terminal or on a forest road.


Base machine

The chipping unit consists of a 1006 drum chipper, complete with its own diesel engine and electrical and hydraulic systems, with everything built on a robust mounting frame. It is principally dimensioned for processing energy wood, brushwood and parts of trees, and should be installed on a truck with corresponding payload capacity and dimensions.

Diesel-engine Volvo TWD 1683VE

The latest 1006 units are fitted with Volvo’s state-of-the-art TWD 1683VE diesel engines, which meet the European Union (EU) Stage V regulations. The engine offers a power output of 585kW (796hp) and a torque rated at a maximum of 3,650Nm, delivering more power and torque in the speed range used during chipping. Especially favorable for chipping is the high, straight torque curve down to lower engine speeds where, at 1,000 rpm, the torque is at just over 3,500Nm. These precise power and torque curves are also extremely helpful when it comes to attaining the lowest possible fuel consumption during chipping.

Hydraulic system

1006.3 RT industrial mobile wood chippers feature an advanced hydraulic system. Their 120-liter stainless-steel hydraulic oil tanks have a patented CycloneConcept insert. This vents the return oil and allows the necessary volumes of hydraulic oil to be vastly reduced, along with the size of the stainless-steel tank. The overall result minimizes environmental impact and operating costs.