EcoLog Harvester 590E

The Eco Log 590E is our largest model in the 500 series of E-harvesters. With a 320 hp Volvo Penta engine and a 310 kNm crane, you can handle all types of work quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

  • Increases productivity by up to 10% *
  • Volvo Penta 320 hp engine
  • 350 ° swivel cab
  • 25 ° lateral tilt
  • Can be equipped with balanced bogie
  • Powerful crane with a lifting force of 310 kNm

With the Eco Log 590E, no job is too big. The new Volvo Penta engine is specifically designed for high performance, reliability and fuel efficiency, and provides 320hp at your disposal. Eco Log's unique pendulum arm suspension gives the 590E the best possible terrain features and this model can also be equipped with a balanced bogie for added flexibility.

* Compared to competitors. Based on reported customer experience.

* Only with 10 m crane
** Only in market areas outside the EU, USA & Canada.

Length, max (a), mm7767
Height, min/max (b), mm3430-4820
Ground clearance (d), mm175 -1260  
Weight, kg21000
Engine, Volvo Penta
Type6 cyl. 873/853** - 7.7 l
Gross power @ 2200 rpm, kW/hp235/320
Peak torque, Nm (@ rpm)1300 (1310)
Fuel tank volume, L460  
Hydrostatic6  wd, 3  gears
Tractive force, max, kN190
Speed off-road/Speed on-road, km/h0 -5/0 -12  
Front, standard700/50x30,5
Front, option650/65x26,5
Rear, standard710/55x34
Rear, option710/70x34
Width, standard/option (c), mm3077/2977
Steering angle, ˚±44
Tilt angle front to back, ˚±16
Tilt angle side to side, ˚±25,5
Reach, m10-11  
Gross lifting torque, kNm310  
Gross slewing torque, kNm50  
Slewing angle, ˚350
Hydraulic system
Crane pump, cc180
Oil flow @ 1600 rpm for crane, l/min288
Head Pump, cc190
Oil flow @ 1600 rpm for harvester head, l/min304
Working pressure, MPa26  
Hydraulic tank volume, L274
Electrical system
Voltage, V24  
Batteries, Ah2x145  
Alternator, A130
Number of lights20
AlternativesHalogen, xenon or LED
Harvester head
Log Max6000/7000*