EcoLog Harvester 580E

The Eco Log 580E is the second largest model of our E-Harvesters. With its powerful 286 HP Volvo Penta engine and 270 kNm crane, the Eco Log 580E can meet all types of challenges you face.

  • Increases productivity by up to 10% *
  • Volvo Penta engine of 286 hp
  • 350 ° swivel cab
  • 25 ° lateral tilt
  • 17 ° angle to the front and rear
  • Powerful crane with lifting force of 270 kNm

* Only with 10 m crane
** Only in market areas outside the EU, USA & Canada.

Length, max (a), mm7402
Height, min/max (b), mm3338-4464
Ground clearance (d), mm146 -1191
Weight, kg20200
Engine, Volvo Penta
Type6 cyl. 872/852** - 7.7 l
Gross power @ 2200 rpm, kW/hp210/286
Peak torque, Nm (@ rpm)1250 (1237)
Fuel tank volume, L460  
Hydrostatic6 wd, 3 gears
Tractive force, max, kN172  
Speed off-road/Speed on-road, km/h0 - 7/0 -15  
Front, standard600/55x26,5
Front, option710/45x26,5
Rear, standard600/65x34
Rear, option710/55x34
Width, standard/option (c), mm2790/2999
Steering angle, ˚±44
Tilt angle front to back, ˚±17
Tilt angle side to side, ˚±25,5
Reach, m10 -11,5  
Gross lifting torque, kNm270  
Gross slewing torque, kNm38  
Slewing angle, ˚350
Hydraulic system
Crane pump, cc140
Oil flow @ 1600 rpm for crane, l/min275
Head Pump, cc145
Oil flow @ 1600 rpm for harvester head, l/min285
Working pressure, MPa25  
Hydraulic tank volume, L232
Electrical system
Voltage, V24  
Batteries, Ah2x145  
Alternator, A130
Number of lights20
AlternativesHalogen, xenon or LED
Harvester head
Log Max5000/6000*