Intermercato Scales

Intermercato XW 50 PS

INTELWEIGH – Wireless scale with hollow shaft to protect hoses, mounted between grab and rotator

Intermercato XW 70 BS

INTELWEIGH – Wireless, extra robust crane scale that can be fitted to any crane or rotator – calibratable to 7 t

Intermercato XW 101

Wireless scale that can be built as a link or flange – calibratable up to 8 t

Feed Rollers – LogMax

Balmec Feed Rollers

Balmec 5000, 6000 & 7000 Feed Rollers.

V Steel Rollers

A self cleaning feed roller with very high pulling force both in forward and reverse, without risk of spinning.

Rubber Rollers

The Tireco roller is made from hard-wearing rubber and has a partially embedded tire chain.

FlexDrive Rollers

Made of stronger aluminium and with a new design of the fastening to the axle, strength and life term has been greatly improved.

Eucalyptus Roller

In the parts of the world where Eucalyptus is harvested, the steel eucalyptus roller is an obvious choice.

Alpine Rollers

Alpine rollers are a durable roller that demands a minimum of maintenance.

Feed Rollers – General


EGS 402 outer feed roller


H8 outer Feed Roller


H415 outer Feed Roller for Poclain

SP 551 outer Feed Roller

SP 551 outer Feed Roller


Valmet/Komatsu S92 outer Feed Roller

John Deere/Timberjack

H412 outer Feed Roller

Log Max Control Systems

VU201/VU202 Interface

These units work as a converter, translating the signals between the systems in each direction.

TJ 3000 Interface

Interface TJ 3000 makes it possible to use the hitech, durable and reliable Log Max harvesting head.

Other Products & Accessories

Laxo Aluminium bolster

The Laxo aluminium timberbunk enables you to load and unload pulpwood and large logs quickly, easily and efficiently.


New and used tires of various sizes.

Quadco Saw Teeth and Blades

If your harvesting conditions do not require the use of carbide, your best buy is our steel heat treated teeth.

PROLENC® Snubbers

The PROLENC Snubbers allows indepedent snubbing action

Iggesund Saw Bars

Our new harvester bars have been developed with the harvester operator in focus.

HSP Gripen Grapple

All our grapples have twin hydraulic cylinders*, giving a low and even axle load.

Expander Bolts

The Expander®System is a simple, cost effective solution for pivot wear.

Emeta Length Measuring

EMETA AB specialises in the manufacturing of durable optical encoders designed to meet the high demands

D & E Slide Bearing

Our assortment of slide bearings includes a broad range of different types that cover most requirements.


WEO Plug-Ins have click-to-connect and self-aligning features that make them easy to install in hydraulic systems.

BE-GE Seats

BE-GE 7000 is a reinforced air suspended driver seat. It is designed to withstand the most extreme working environments such as in construction vehicles.

Accumulation kit

Log Max has developed a Accumulation Kit that can be fitted as an option to Log Max Heads.