Laxo Aluminium bolster

Laxo Aluminium bolster

The Laxo aluminium timberbunk enables you to load and unload pulpwood and large logs quickly, easily and efficiently. The Laxo Aluminium bolster is the lightest timberbunk on the market.

Along with our strong lightweight aluminium supports, the timberbunk makes up an modular system of superior flexibility.

Quick release

Thanks to the quick-release mechanism on the bunk, the chain or strap can quickly be slackened by pulling the handle.

Built-in auto-tensioner

The bunk can be fitted with an inbuilt auto-tensioner.

The tensioner is extremely lightweight, pre-mounted and well protected inside the bunk. The wire is drawn beneath the bunk, enabling the load to be secured from either side. Another advantage of the Laxo LA is that three-metre bundles can be lashed diagonally between two bunks. It is also possible to shift lashed bundles without worrying about where any tensioner is mounted