TJ 3000 Interface

Interface TJ 3000-a

Interface TJ 3000 makes it possible to use the hitech, durable and reliable Log Max harvesting head on your Timberjack carrier equipped with the original Timberjack control system.

Interface TJ 3000 is developed by Log Max for the best control and possibilities for the Log Max harvester heads together with Timberjack 3000 or Timbermatic 300.

Interface TJ 3000-2

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • No electronic rebuilding of the carrier necessary

  • follows the harmonized standard EN ISO 14982

The cable connections between the Timberjack 3000 control system and the Log Max harvesting head are numbered to simplify trouble-shooting and possible replacement of cables.

Easy Greasy
Easy Greasy provides an adjustable flow of oil for lubricating the sawchain. The consumption of oil can be adapted to prevailing conditions which promotes less usage of oil and less environmental influence.