FlexDrive Rollers

Rubber Rollers

FlexDrive Rollers are developed and patented by Log Max. With a series of improvements Log Max has made significant changes to the FlexDrive Rollers.

Made of stronger aluminium and with a new design of the fastening to the axle, strength and life term has been greatly improved. FlexDrive rollers are available for Log Max 928/3000/4000/5000/6000 and 7000.

The Drive elements are rubber suspended to be able to follow the structure of the trunk, thus optimizing the contact surface. This gives better traction and fibre-damaging spinning can be avoided. The Rubber suspension has a higher quality for better function in cold conditions.

The Drive Elements has inclining ends for longer contact surface and for avoiding penetration of snow, bark and debris. The Spikes are taller for better traction and the rounded edge has been made larger to better hold the rubber suspension in place. The Drive Element has been given greater movability on the axle, which allows better grip and pliability to the trunk, and has a larger bottom area for longer life term.

Made of a tougher aluminium alloy and with a hardened steel axle for better durability, together with a synthetic natural rubber suspension for better qualities in cold conditions and wear, the Log Max FlexDrive System vouches for a hassle free operation with high utilization.