Neuson Forest 133HVT

The Neuson Forest 133HVT Harvester has extremely high climbing ability and compact design (2.55m in width) and can be therefore used for thinning even in steep terrain.

Due to the powerfully dimensioned drive and the twin-track rollers a tractive force is achieved that is greater than the machine’s own weight. The tractive force is equally great in both directions (forwards and backwards). The enormously high tractive force of the harvester facilitates its optimal use on slopes and guarantees progressive movement even in rugged terrain.

the slope compensator that is incorporated in the machine enables the upper carriage to be levelled +25° at the front and +/-15° laterally. In this way you can also work considerably faster in steep terrain also and you can have better stability than you would have with wheeled machines or tracked machines without the tilt feature as well. In addition, the optional dozer blade of the 133HVT that is available can be used on a slope.

The low centre of gravity, the big footprint and the counterweight applied to the crane facilitate unrestricted operation with optimal stability even on. Due to specific chains for operation in steep areas stability can be increased further.