EcoLog 594F Forwarder

EcoLog 594F Forwarder

The Eco Log 594F belongs to the new range of F-forwarders developed for high comfort and easy servicing for efficient forestry:

  • Loading capacity of 20 tonnes
  • The grill swings open for easy access and cleaning.
  • The hood is opened with electric actuators - to facilitate service.
  • The large-dimensioned fenders house easy-to-access batteries, as well as the tool box.
  • The urea tank has been placed together with the central lubrication unit, fuel and hydraulic tank to facilitate easy access and re-filling.
  • The gearbox increases the tractive effort of the machine, giving it even better performance when working in difficult terrain.
  • The machines are equipped with new radiators optimized for Stage V.

In Eco Logs F-series all the best qualities from earlier generations have been preserved, developed and strengthened through even higher serviceability, driver comfort and a new design with an updated colour scheme.

The machines are equipped with stage V engines from Volvo Penta, which are characterized by high reliability, efficient performance, quick response and environment friendliness.

Loading capacity, kg 20 000
Weight, kg 23 500
Width (A), mm 3 155**
Height (B), mm 3930
Length (C), mm 10535 / 11195(2) (11790)****
Ground clearance (D), mm72 720
Loading area (E), mm 4 815 / 5 475(2) (6070)****
Approach angle, ° 40
Engine, Volvo Penta
Type 6 cyl. D8 - 7.7 l
Stage Stage V/Tier 4F/Stage III*
Power, hp 235(320)
Torque, Nm 1310
Fuel tank, l 195 
Type Hydrostatic mechanical
Tractive effort, kN 260 (58450)
Speed, km/h 20
Pump, cc 175 (opt. 210)
Pressure, bar (PSI) 235
Hydraulic tank, l 180
Standard 750/55-26.5’’
Option 710/55-28.5’’
Loader - Cranab
Lifting force, kNm (lb-ft)/ reach alternatives, m(ft)(Epsilon X140F105) 173(127598)/8.3(27), 10.5(34)
Lifting force, kNm (lb-ft)/ reach alternatives, m(ft)(Cranab FC16) 165(121698) / 8.5(28), 10(33)
Lifting force, kNm (lb-ft)/ reach alternatives, m(ft)(Epsilon X120F105) 159(117272) / 10.5(34)

*Only in market areas outside the EU, USA & Canada.

**With standard wheels

***Dependent on length of rear frame

****Maximum length with frame extension