EcoLog 1250F Forwarder

EcoLog 1250F Forwarder

Eco Log’s smaller forwarders, with load capacities from 9.4 to 13.8 tons (8.5 to 12.5 metric tons), allow a low-impact, efficient, and profitable forestry in all types of terrain. These forwarders are ideal for sensitive or soft forest floors and harsh weather conditions when they can navigate terrain inaccessible to other machines.

Thanks to their low weight, great stability, and superb mobility, Eco Log forwarders have everything you need for effective forwarding with the environment always high on the agenda.

  • Loading capacity of 12.5 tonnes.
  • Together with the narrow cab, the short engine hood offers the operator exceptionally good visibility of the entire work area.
  • Due to their low weight, Eco Log´s smaller forwarders allow low fuel and energy consumption, a high load index, and low forest impact as they make their way through the woods with minimal ground damage even insensitive and soft terrain.
  • The optional bogie lift for the cab section gives you a flexible machine with wheels that can be raised by means of a cylinder.
  • Locking the bogie enables work to be conducted with great stability whatever the circumstances.
  • The Eco Log 1250 has an optional active bogie function, which together with the bogie lift takes forwarding to another level.

Eco Log 1250F was previously part of the Gremo product range.

Loading capacity, kg 12500 (27558)
Weight, kg 16 500 (36376)
Width (A), mm 2 840* (112)*
Height (B), mm 3820 (150) 
Length (C), mm 9293 (366)/ 9693 (382)
Ground clearance (D), mm72 620 (24)
Loading area (E), mm 4039-5342 (159-210)
Approach angle, ° 39.5 
Type 4-cyl. Cummins - B6,7l
Fulfils emission requirements of EU Stage V, US EPA Tier 4(f)
Power, hp 149 kW (200)
Torque, Nm 990 (730) at 1300 rpm
Fuel tank, l 200 (53)
Type Hydrostatic mechanical
Tractive effort, kN 180 (40466)
Speed, km/h high gear 20 (12)
Pump, cc A11 - 145 cc (8,8)
Pressure, bar (PSI) 235 (3408)
Hydraulic tank, l 185 (49)
Standard 710/45-26,5”
Option 600/55-26,5"
Lifting force, kNm (lb-ft) / reach alternatives, m (ft) - Cranab FC12 (Tilt) 120 (88507) / 8.5 (28), 10 (33)
Lifting force, kNm (lb-ft) / reach alternatives, m (ft) - Epsilon S110F (Tilt) 143 (105471) / 8.6 (28),
10.1 (33)
Lifting force, kNm (lb-ft) / reach alternatives, m (ft) - Mesera 92F (Tilt) 130 (95883) / 8(26), 8.5(28),
10 (33)

*With standard wheels