Chipping and chip transport combined in an independent unit facilitates logistics and makes it a flexible and efficient system.

The 806.2 PTC Truck is powered by the truck’s 520–750 HP diesel engine via a gearbox, drive shaft, and belt transmission. The chipper’s electrical and hydraulic systems are interconnected with the truck systems. The chip bin is mounted between chipper and truck cabin. The crane has a long reach and a cabin that can be raised and lowered and meets very high ergonomic standards.


BRUKS’s highly efficient chipper has been combined with state-of-the-art truck technology. The 806.2 processes tops and branches, parts of trees and up to 50 cm dia. roundwood. The time tested chip accelerator ensures optimum filling of both the chipper’s and the trailer’s chip bin with a minimum of dust pollution.


Our 806.2 is ”SIMPLY THE BEST” with its high capacity, reliability and long service life. Your guarantee for cost efficient production.


Carrier vehicle will be a Volvo FH16, 550 – 650 – 750 HP or a Scania R520, R650 or R730. These trucks have a chassis (8×4) with a 4.5 m wheelbase. The chassis will be factory adapted so it can carry and power the chipper, chip bin and crane.

Drum Chipper The drum chipper 806.2 is our latest developed chipper in the 800 series of mobile drum chipper. A chipper with aggressive infeed, closed drum for best chip quality, chip output by a chip accelerator and chip tube.

Support Frame

On the truck there is a mounting frame, foundations for the chipper and crane, platforms and ladders for safe maintenance of the chipper, knife and tool box, fire extinguishers in protection boxes (4 pieces).

Chip bins in two versions The high- and sideways dumping chip bin is suspended by yokes that lift it up and out to the

side before dumping it. This makes it possible, when there is lack of space at the chipping site, to first blow the chips into the bin on the truck and later dump them into a trailer.

The crate-type chip bin dumps sideways only and has a cover lifted at the rear during chipping operation to blow the chips under the cover. This minimizes spill on the ground and on the truck.

BRUKS 806.2 PTC TRUCK Tech Specs

BRUKS 806.2 PTC TRUCK Tech Specs

Alternative Equipment

  • Drum with two half lengths knife for round log chipping
  • Combination drum, full or half lengths knife
  • Drum with 4-knives for “Micro Chips”
  • Knife settings and configuration for different conditions
  • Chip screens in different sizes
  • Infeed table with different numbers of rollers and different table sides
  • Chip Tubes in different sizes
  • Chip deflectors, basic or dual
  • Chip bin in different sizes and design, 27 and 30 m3
  • Crane in different brands and models
  • Hydraulic oil, different brands and quality
  • Painting in customer unique color


  • Grapple, in different brands and models
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
  • Foot Pedal
  • Reversing Camera System
  • Filling equipment for hydraulic oil
  • Knife Box
  • LED work lights
  • Weighing equipment for the truck
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Remote dialing modem for easy troubleshooting
  • Kits with knives, filters and wear parts